Arthur & Jakob – the next generation is truly making its mark in the Schmelzhof.

Many of our guests particularly value the family atmosphere here in the Boutique-Hotel Schmelzhof; a unique home-away-from home feeling. This has a lot to do with the fact that our hotel is a family-run business. And meanwhile, the next generation is already on board, bringing a breath of fresh air and new ideas to the Schmelzhof.

Arthur, the second eldest son, has been firmly in command of the Blue Bar, the restaurant and the White Rabbit for nine years now and he’s also a whizz when it comes to mixing cocktails. A lot of his know-how derives from his time working in London. Nurturing a passion for the art of bartending, he never tires of coming up with his own enticing creations. Arthur is the perfect host. Attentive and never at a loss for an amusing anecdote, he serves up drinks with an abundance of charm and wit. Arthur knows everything there is to know about the Schmelzhof’s extensive Magnum collection, an interest he inherited from his father Robert. Whatever your fancy – a cocktail, champagne, whiskey or wine – if you’re looking for something really special, just ask Arthur.

Jakob is the youngest son in the family and he returned home last winter. Following numerous years of training with the very best in the business, including Sepp Schellhorn, Jeff Galvin, Thorsten Probost and Heinz Reitbauer, he’s returned as Executive Chef of the Schmelzhof and our restaurant Gittis Esszimmer. Admittedly, his culinary genes had already been passed on to him by his mother Gitti and grandmother Mimi, both exceptionally gifted in the art of cooking. Jakob’s plan is to keep tried and tested favourites, such as the legendary SCA pasta, while at the same time contributing new ideas. Taste is always his top priority. This becomes clear when you taste his Chateaubriand, for example, one of his signature dishes, which is served on a hot stone and carved directly at the table – a not-to-be-missed treat in Gittis Esszimmer.

We’re exceedingly proud of the younger generation and delighted that they have returned to the Schmelzhof. As a multi-generational establishment, the Schmelzhof will continue to be a very special retreat for all our guests – whether they’re solo holidaymakers, couples or families with children. The Schmelzhof is simply the “hotel where everyone feels at home”.

The Strolz family, Arthur and Jakob …

  • Gitti, Arthur, Franziska, Jakob and Robert; missing on the photo: Josef-Anton

Photography: Valerie Marie Voithofer and Florence Stoiber