The wonderful illustrated book THE ALPS has been released.

We love books and books love the Schmelzhof! The illustrated book “THE ALPS – Hotels, Destinations, Culture” was unveiled at the Schmelzhof at the beginning of December. Sebastian Schöllgen, mastermind behind the 84 Rooms travel collective, delivered the very first copies to the Schmelzhof in person. The large-format, almost 300-page luxurious coffee-table book was created in collaboration with the renowned New York publishing house Monacelli in a first edition of 20,000 copies. Just a few months later, the second edition is already being printed. A beautiful book and a resounding success. Our warmest congratulations to our friend Sebastian.

The book showcases the most beautiful destinations and hotels in the Alps – in France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria. The stunning volume recounts many wonderful stories and we are extremely proud that the Boutique Hotel Schmelzhof is one of them (pages 184-187). It is truly an honour for us to be featured in such a prestigious international publication.

We warmly invite our guests to browse through THE ALPS. Copies are on display on our large book table in the Schmelzhof lobby. If you’d like to own this marvellous illustrated book, it’s available for purchase from good bookshops (ISBN 978-1-58093-639-2). We’re sure you’ll simply adore it. We consider it to be the highest quality illustrated hotel book of recent years, a true collector’s item.

Insights into THE ALPS …