A tribute to the legendary Edelweiss era.
Lila and Franziska, the two youngest members of the Strolz family, have designed two rooms.

A total of 16 rooms in the Boutique-Hotel Schmelzhof were totally remodelled this summer as already mentioned in the last newsletter. The design of two rooms was entrusted to the two cousins Lila and Franziska Strolz, who were able to fully develop their flair for design during stays in London, Milan, Berlin, Paris and Munich. Lila specialises in interior design, while Franziska is a graduate fashion designer and is currently studying at the ESCP Business School in Paris / Turin / Berlin.

The striking patterns, colours and contours in the two rooms take you on a journey into times gone by. In a contemporary context, they symbolise the pure joie de vivre that was celebrated in the legendary Hotel Edelweiss in Zürs by Manni (Lila’s father) and Seppi Strolz. Every detail in the rooms, from the fabrics to the floor lamps to the wallpaper, was carefully contemplated, developed and implemented by the two cousins, who feel more like sisters than cousins. One thing was always clear from the start: Form and function must always harmonise when furnishing a hotel room. The interior should not only be pleasing to the eye; guests must be able to follow their usual daily routines intuitively.

The two rooms, incidentally, are named after the renowned actresses Romy Schneider and Brigitte Bardot. Icons and role models in their time, the two women were as different as Lila and Franziska and indeed as distinct as their room designs.

While still working on the final details, Lila and Franziska are a little nervous but very much looking forward to the start of the new winter season: “We adore the rooms; we’re delighted with them. We know our Schmelzhof guests pretty well and we’re sure they’ll be equally enchanted.”

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Lila Strolz just opened her very own interior design studio. We recommend her without any reservations and wish her all the best for her future as an independent designer!


Two cousins ​​with a flair for design: Franziska and Lila Strolz

First design impressions of the “Romy Schneider” and “Brigitte Bardot” rooms