How bespoke designs for the Schmelzhof are created in London

Every piece of furniture, every decorative element, every detail at the Schmelzhof has a special story to tell. Sometimes a little crazy, but always full of passion and heart. The tailor-made fabrics and wallpapers, for example, took us all the way to London. To the designer Charlene Mullen. Gerald “Gerry” Schriebl, an interior designer and the other half of Gitti’s congenial creative duo for around the last 10 years, has known Charlene for quite a while. Back in 2014, during the big Schmelzhof renovation, she developed beautiful designs for our decorative cushions, blankets, lampshades and wallpaper with her incredible feel for design. Inspired by the timelessness of her patterns, it was clear that Charlene Mullen’s signature would also be found in the 16 newly designed Ski Rooms.

We are lavishly covering the headboards of the beds with fabric, for example. First, we choose basic colours and send sample fabrics to London. Then we develop the designs with Charlene and have the fabrics embroidered. It’s a similar story for wallpaper. A collaborative creative process. Gitti and Gerry develop initial ideas and sketch motifs. Charlene Mullen creates a series of designs based on these guidelines. Then, in London, the final patterns that will make it into the new Ski Rooms are selected. It’s the attention to detail, the many small mosaic elements that come together to turn a Schmelzhof room into a large, cohesive, feel-good unit. Elegant fabrics, wonderful designs that guests often only take in on the second touch, only perceive at second glance, and then come to really appreciate.

We are so fortunate to be able to work with such great people like designer Charlene Mullen, interior designer Gerry Schriebl and architect Jürgen Haller. Not to mention the cabinet makers and other suppliers who also enrich our hotel with their high-quality craftsmanship.

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Design process of Schmelzhof fabrics and wallpapers:

Photography Charlene Mullen: D v o r a