Take a virtual tour through the Schmelzhof!

Welcome! We warmly invite you to explore our Boutique Hotel Schmelzhof in a virtual tour. Use your mouse to click your way around and savour a first glimpse of our hotel. Pan around 360 degrees; take a look in the lobby, the bar, the spa and the guestrooms. Enjoy the views. But beware – your tour could whet your appetite for more, for a real-life Schmelzhof experience that you can feel, hear, smell and taste.
Even if you already know the Schmelzhof, feel free to come in and take a look round because, as everyone knows, looking forward to something is half the fun. Our tour is sure to get you in the mood for your next holiday here.

We’re already looking forward to welcoming you!
Gitti & Robert

Experience an even greater 360° Tour with a Google cardboard.

With a pair of VR-goggles or with a so called “Google cardboard” viewer, the Schmelzhof 360° Tour offers an even more spectacular live experience. You will have the perception of standing in the middle of the Schmelzhof – directly on-site so to speak. A Google cardboard in a fully adequate cardboard construction can be purchased for as little as €5 from your local electronic retailer or from Amazon. Try it out.

Follow our tips to set up your Google cardboard:

  1. Open the website www.schmelzhof.at/tour360 on your smartphone.
  2. Tip on the Google cardboard symbol.
  3. Place your smartphone in the viewer and look through both lenses.
  4. Move your head to look around the whole room.
  5. Navigate from room to room by keeping the crosshairs in the centre of your field of vision.