The sun just loves our terrace!

Once upon a time there was an unbelievably bright star in the sky, this blazing star was called the sun. The sun was very friendly with a sentimental heart and one day as the sun stood high over Lech and spread its warming rays over the whole of the town it spied a very special place. Where could that be, she wondered? A terrace with red sun loungers and colourful cushions, and so many happy smiling people. The sun was delighted, and since that day she shines even brighter over Lech when she passes through.
The sun loves our terrace. In particular from the beginning of February when she manages to pass over the summit of the Omeshorn to warm us through the rest of the winter. This we celebrate fittingly with an intimate Schmelzhof midsummer party.
There is so much more to reveal about our Schmelzhof terrace which counts as one of the most beautiful in Lech, so best you come and see for yourself.

Our tip: A round of skiing in the mornings, then enjoying the afternoons on the sun terrace

In the months of February, March and April, the days can be wonderfully divided into discovering fabulous powder or firn slopes in the mornings, and then the afternoons spent relaxing on the Schmelzhof terrace. It`s Bistro time! Between 12 and 3 o´clock, to satisfy both a hearty appetite and those looking for a lighter meal. Fresh salads, SCA pasta or if you prefer a delicious McSchmelzhof burger. Kaiser or berry schmarren anyone? Freshly re-invigorated you can then relax in one of the comfortable lounges, and catch some of the sun´s warming rays and just chill. Toast with friends and just celebrate life with a delectable Aperol cocktail from our terrace bar.