Dear Schmelzhof guests!

With all the new challenges we have to face over, there is one thing that we don’t find hard – and that was staying optimistic. If we have to think of so many things, our thoughts should, at least, be positive ones.
We’re concerning ourselves with how we can make the Schmelzhof even safer for our guests. We would like to implement measures that go beyond the statutory provisions. We have a great responsibility towards our guests and will do everything in our power to live up to that responsibility. But in addition to safety, there is another aspect that is of utmost importance to us – we want our guests to feel comfortable and relaxed and to enjoy their holiday in the Schmelzhof – as always, but this time a little differently.

10 reasons why you will feel safe in the Schmelzhof this winter!

  1. We’ll be meticulously organised to ensure your wellbeing and safety.
    We will train and prepare our staff members. We trust them to take their personal responsibility seriously, since we have the best employees in the world! We will keep a safe distance yet look after your needs and wishes with our usual warmth and hospitality. Washing and disinfecting our hands has always been standard practice. Now we will simply do it even more often.
  2. We have an abundance of space here in the Schmelzhof.
    Our guests enjoy plenty of space for spreading out, making it easy to keep their distance from fellow guests. There will be a few restrictions with regard to guest numbers – in the spa area, for example, and in the Blue Bar. But these will be implemented in such a way that they will have little or no impact on your enjoyment.
  3. During the 2020/2021 winter season the Schmelzhof will be at the exclusive disposal of resident hotel guests.
    During the coming winter, the Blue Bar and our à la carte restaurant Gittis Esszimmer will, with only very few exceptions, be open for resident hotel guests only. As much as we regret this decision for non-resident visitors, the safety and wellbeing of our hotel guests take first priority.
  4. Our investment in a state-of-the-art ventilation system is your gain.
    During the major remodelling work undertaken a few years ago, a first-class fresh air supply was one of our main priorities and the company Ender installed a top-of-the-range ventilation system for us. Supply air and extract air are totally separated from each another; the air streams never mix. The system also includes high-quality filters. The installation of the ventilation system was a costly undertaking, but we are thankful we decided in favour of it. Our guests can breathe Lech’s fresh mountain air not only outside but also inside our hotel.
  5. Our fun and festivities this winter will be lower-key and with physical distancing.
    The Schmelzhof is well-known as a place for celebrations and socialising. We are sure our guests understand that this coming winter revelries must be kept to a low-key level while keeping your distance from other guests.
  6. Our rooms are always spotless and disinfected.
    Cleanliness has always been a top priority for us. When guests depart, we give the room a thorough cleaning and disinfect it too. Now we’re devoting even more time to this. In the public areas and kitchen too, cleanliness is of utmost importance. We allow NO ROOM for compromises.
  7. Book with ease of mind with a cancellation option.
    In addition to our already very fair cancellation conditions, this year we’re offering you extra ease of mind with the ‘Hotel Cancellation Plus’ travel cancellation insurance. You can take out the insurance, which includes Covid-19 protection, directly with us. For 60 euros per person, per week you can be sure of being on the safe side. This is an insurance policy that really makes sense and with which we have had nothing but positive experiences.
    > Further information on Covid-19 protection
    > Information sheet ‘Hotel Cancellation Plus’ (PDF)
  8. ‘More space, more time’ in Lech.
    Lech’s fresh mountain air and the stunning natural surroundings offer the perfect antidote to these difficult, challenging times. According to the latest findings, in the great outdoors and when adhering to physical distancing recommendations the risk of infection is very low. For years now Lech’s advertising claim has (quite rightly) been ‘More space, more time.’ Now is the perfect time to enjoy that space and time with us in the Schmelzhof in Lech.
  9. Safe journey with your own car, safe airport transfers.
    In case of any problems in Lech, including those as a result of conditions outside of our control, we will organise a safe, orderly departure, ensuring you remain flexible and enjoy ease of mind. If you arrive by air or rail, we can organise your transfer from the airport or railway station with the extremely reliable ‘Lecher’ taxi service.
  10. Because you deserve a well-earned break.
    A winter holiday without the Schmelzhof? Hard to imagine, isn’t it? 😉 Which is why we will do everything in our power to ensure you enjoy a safe holiday here in the Schmelzhof. You have our word.

Have a good day, have a wonderful summer and enjoy life to the full – despite, or precisely because of, these trying times.

With warmest wishes from Lech am Arlberg!
Gitti and Robert Strolz