What is a “boutique hotel”?

The first “boutique hotels” began appearing in the 1980s in large cities such as New York, San Francisco and London. Many of them attracted attention due to the fact that they were styled by famous interior decorators and designers. Boutique hotels differ from large hotels and hotel chains owing to their more individual furnishings and fittings. They are, for the most part, run by the proprietor and offer a more authentic and more personal service.

Boutique hotels tend to focus on a particular theme or style, and are appointed accordingly with premium quality furnishings and amenities. Often each room has its own unique, distinctive theme. Boutique hotels are generally associated with small hotels offering only a small number of rooms; however, several boutique hotels in major cities such as London, Barcelona, New York and Paris have over one hundred rooms.

Guests take top priority. Boutique hotels are all about comfort, relaxation and personal service, about providing a “home-away-from-home” during a holiday. Thoughtful attention to details and a warm, friendly relationship with the guests are what distinguish them from standard hotels.

That is why we here in the Schmelzhof are proud to be a “boutique hotel” and we embody the philosophy of a service that is personal, authentic and from the heart. Happy guests are the reward for our work. And the positive feedback we receive provides us with motivation to continue striving to become even better.