The finest the Alps has to offer – our recommended read: Makers Bible – The Alps

There are some books so packed with beautiful things that you can’t help but bury yourself in them. The Makers Bible is just such a book. It feels good as soon as held in your hands. Quality through and through. And that feeling continues as you leaf through this latest edition of ‘The Alps’. Offering a colourful medley of the cream of craftsmanship, it showcases finest handwork, exquisite cuisine, stunning interior designs and much more besides, complete with the fascinating stories behind them. We highly recommend the Makers Bible – The Alps. You’ll love it.

Oh yes, we almost forgot to mention that the book also features Boutique Hotel Schmelzhof. We’re simply delighted to have been included in this exclusive collection.

The Makers Bible is available on our book table and in our spa for Schmelzhof guests to browse at their leisure.