Ski Club Arlberg – a legend

“The Arlberg Ski Club is one of the oldest skiing clubs in the world, one of the biggest, one of the most traditional, but above all: the most successful. No other skiing club on this planet can boast of more World Cup, Olympic and World Championship winners among its members. Its members have won 20 gold and 22 silver medals at the Olympic Games and World Championships alone, and 54 medals in total. At times, half of the Austrian national team is comprised of members from the club. With almost 8,000 members from 59 nations, it can confidently consider itself to be on the same level as Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Wimbledon Tennis Club or the Automobile Club Monaco. Rightly so? “Definitely! The history of Arlberg Ski Club is the history of Alpine ski sports”.

… this was a description of the Skiclub Arlberg by the Park Avenue Magazine.

Founded in 1901

115 years ago 8 enthusiastic and high motivated people founded the Skiclub Arlberg:

“Delighted by nature, enthusiastic about the sport, feeling the necessity to make the Arlberg a meeting point for all friends of this noble pleasure, the trippers, who felt persuaded to found the Skiclub Arlberg “ex tempore”!”

St. Christoph, the 3rd of January 1901

Olympic Winners and World Champions

Back then no one knew what impact this step would have for the sport of skiing globally. Members of the Arlberg ski club have made a considerable contribution to the development of skiing over the last 115 years, and as ambassadors of the Arlberg they have played an important role in the evolution of ski sports and overall enjoyment of skiing throughout the world.
The history of the Arlberg ski club is also the story of ski racing. No other ski club in the world has been more successful at Olympic Games and World Cup events, with some of the greats including; Trude Jochum Beiser, Ottmar Schneider, Egon Zimmermann, Karl Schranz, Patrick Örtlieb or Mario Matt remaining unforgettable.

Innovative for 115 years

It is not just ski racing alone, but also the constant development of skiing technology and skiing equipment technology that owe much to the contribution of the SCA. Some 50 patents alone in skiing technology originate from Arlberg, of which most were taken out by SCA members. A particularly comprehensive ski exhibition by the SCA in the summer of 2005 proved this with an impressive array of original exhibits of skis, boots and clothing. Times change and whoever aims for success must adapt to these changes. The SCA today is a modern organisation with some 8,207 members in 59 nations around the world, having proved that it has conquered its objective over the last 115 years.

Maintaining tradition and forging the future

It is still a very great distinction for many to be a member of the Ski Club Arlberg. The fact that this continues to be so is the responsibility of the many active SCA members. By carefully nurturing the historical aspects, highly committed and professional work with young people and working on the SCA brand, they assure the continuing existence and future development. A delight in nature and enthusiasm for the legendary Ski Club Arlberg!