Raspberry kisses Martini!

Good hotel bars don’t just serve good drinks. They’re also places where people from around the globe come together, where conversations blossom. The longer the evening the better the ambience. Memorable moments are created, encounters that remained etched on the mind.

The Blue Bar is the communicative heart of the Boutique Hotel Schmelzhof, a second-to-none feel-good oasis, perfect for a late-afternoon beer, an appetite-whetting aperitif before dinner or a last gin and tonic before bedtime. This is a place where bar culture is still very much alive. Head bartender Herb and Stefan take care of every little detail from delectable drinks, to perfect background music, to wafer-thin slices of San Daniele prosciutto cut using our Berkel machine from 1933. Never short of a joke or anecdote, fun-loving bartender Herb provides for a lively, vibrant atmosphere to ensure enjoyable, entertaining evenings. Here in the Schmelzhof, we don’t do ‘stiff and starchy’!

Oh, yes…almost forgot – the kissing bit…. Well, we’ve seen all sorts in the Blue Bar, and what happens in the Blue Bar stays in the Blue Bar. But there is one Blue Bar liaison that we’re more than happy to share with you – Raspberry kisses Martini – a drink created specially for our guests by our head bartender Herb in person. Absolutely luscious!

Raspberry kisses Martini
4 cl Martini Rosato
Lemon juice
Simple syrup
Ponthier raspberry puree

Cheers, Prost, Salut!