4th Winemakers’ Gala with Big Bottle Party and Winemakers’ Dinner on the 6th December 2018 – a review.

On 6th December, right at the start of the new winter season, our guests enjoyed the first of many culinary highlights: Our Winemakers’ Gala with Big Bottle Party and Winemakers’ Dinner had been taking place for the fourth time on 6th December 2018. A not-to-be-missed experience for all wine lovers! Together with five top winemakers amid a cosy, laid-back living-room ambience, we enjoyed a convivial evening and savour some truly superb wines. All five vintners had their personal favourites with them in magnums, hence the name of the kick-off to the evening – ‘Big Bottle Party’ – held in the hotel foyer and at the Blue Bar. This was followed by our Winemakers’ Dinner during which the guest could savour a mouth-watering menu prepared by our team of chefs tailored to accompany another five outstanding wines.

During the Big Bottle Party the following winemakers and one local producer of gins presented their tantalising tipples at the Blue Bar:

  • Maison Saint Aix, Provence, AIX Rosé 2017, Methusalem
  • Manfred Tement, Ottenberger Sauvignon Blanc, 2017, Jeroboam
  • Hajszan Neumann by Fritz Wieninger, Muskateller Natural Orange Wine Bio 2017, Jeroboam
  • Constantia Glen, Südafrika, Three 2015, Magnum
  • Bergbrennerei Löwen, Löwen Dry Gin, Magnum

Following the tasting party, the Winemakers’ Dinner was served in Gittis Esszimmer during which five mouth-watering dishes had been prepared by our team of chefs accompanied by another five outstanding treasures from our wine and gin experts:

  • Maison Saint Aix – Provence, AIX Rosé 2017, Magnum
  • Manfred Tement, Ried Zieregg Morillon Große STK Lage 2001, Jeroboam
  • Fritz Wieninger, Merlot Grand Select Bio 2012, Magnum
  • Constantia Glen, Südafrika, Five 2013, Magnum
  • Bergbrennerei Löwen, Löwen Green Gin & Wood Gin, Minibar

Impressions from the Winemakers’ Gala with Big Bottle Party and Winemakers’ Dinner: