Our son Jakob is back. Now as Executive Chef.

Those familiar with the cuisine served in the Schmelzhof know that the standards we set ourselves have always been exceedingly high. And now we’re entering a new chapter in our culinary journey.

Our son Jakob is back at the Schmelzhof. After a long period away from home learning from the very best, including Sepp Schellhorn, Thorsten Probost, Jeff Galvin, Alain Ducasse and Heinz Reitbauer, Jakob returned in December 2022 – as the new Executive Chef both of the Boutique Hotel Schmelzhof and our à la carte restaurant Gittis Esszimmer. The first reactions of our guests at the start of the season were overwhelmingly positive. And Jakob impressively mastered culinary events such as the Winemakers’ Dinner, La Biosthethique, Christmas and the New Year’s Eve Gala. He told us that it’s not only his experience with eminent cooking teachers, but also his encounters with numerous wonderful people that have led him to where he is now. His love of cooking, however, began much earlier when as a little boy, he used to watch and help his mum Gitti – an equally passionate cook.

“What do you want to change; what will the menu look like?” we asked Jakob before the winter season started. “I won’t be changing very much”, he replied. “The choices are good, the guests love our cuisine. We’ll keep our classic dishes, maybe refine them a bit. We’ll add just a few new dishes that perfectly complement our menu”. His philosophy is very pragmatic: “The most important thing is that the guests like it”. Quite so! Making guests happy is our common goal. And here in the Schmelzhof, we’ve noticed how things have been changing and developing over just a short time thanks to Jakob’s passion. We are very, very proud to say that, on a culinary level, we are better positioned than ever before – so you can look forward to even more epicurean enjoyment in the Schmelzhof.

Photography: Valerie Marie Voithofer