Better safe than sorry! We recommend the travel cancellation insurance ‘Hotel-Storno Plus’

Cancellation conditions, cancellation protection … admittedly, these are not the most pleasant of topics. Unfortunately, unforeseeable events do occur resulting in guests having to cancel their holiday here at short notice. In such cases, we have to charge the full sum, which often amounts to several thousand euros, because the booked accommodation cannot be re-let at such short notice. There is, however, an easy solution…

Simple and sensible
One particularly beneficial cancellation policy, with which we have only had positive experiences and which we unconditionally recommend, is the travel cancellation insurance ‘Hotel-Storno Plus’ from the insurance company ‘Europäische Reiseversicherung’. For 60 euros per person, capped by us (if it costs more, we’ll cover the difference), you enjoy first-rate cancellation protection, even in the event of contracting Covid-19, for example. Processing a claim is generally simple and straightforward. And did you know that almost half of our guests now takes out a ‘Hotel-Storno Plus’ policy on our recommendation?

Cancellation cover through your credit card? Beware!
Some of our guests rely on the insurance coverage offered by their credit card. However, we strongly caution against this. Over the past years, we have unfortunately had bad experiences for the most part in this regard. The outcome, in almost all cases, was a cancellation invoice at the expense of the guest as a result of not reading the conditions carefully or because the benefits were not as the guest expected. We’re always very sorry when this happens because it can easily be avoided.

On the safe side for 60 euros per person
Our advice: invest the 60 euros per person, per week. That way you’re on the safe side and you can avoid unnecessary hassle. Our recommendation is based on years of experience. We don’t earn anything from this. On the contrary – we support this offer by covering any additional costs exceeding the 60 euros per person.

To provide you with further information, we have attached the ‘Hotel-Storno Plus’ information sheet from ‘Europäische Reiseversicherung’ as a PDF file. You can, of course, contact us too for further details.

Information Hotelstorno Plus (PDF)