A day of skiing on the Arlberg with Gitti and Robert

Perfect conditions! We, Gitti and Robert have taken it upon ourselves to explore the whole of the Arlberg. With the new connection to St Anton bringing with it totally new territory to us. We were astounded at how big the “Ski Arlberg” really is and how much there was for us to discover. We would love to share with you our newly gathered impressions:

The day begins bright and early with deep powder snow and plenty of sunshine, but with icy cold temperatures leaving our breath misting in the freezing air. We have set ourselves an ambitious target – once around the whole of the Arlberg to accomplish the “Run of Fame”. The Thomas Family, longstanding friends and guests of the Schmelzhof will be accompanying us.

First we undertook Warth, the day is so beautiful that we forego the new lift connection and take the old route. Abendweide – ascent to Mohnenfluh – downhill via Fürmesli toward Warth, we stay awhile in the Warth ski region before we head back over the Karhorn with an amazing deep powder snow run back to Lech. With half of the day behind us already we can safely say lunch in the new Schlegelkopf Restaurant was thoroughly deserved.

Completely sated, we ascend the Rüfikopf with the cable car. The panoramic view is a sight to behold and then it´s off down the steep Langer Zug all the way to Zürs. Our anticipation is high as we step into the new Trittkopf cable car and then onward with the Flexen cable car to Rauz. We are captivated by the unbelievably high 75 metre lift supports.

Fantastic view from the Trittkopf cable car:


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With the valfagher lift we arrive in the ski area of St Christoph/St Anton. Past the Ulmer hut and further with the up to the Gampen. An amazing view of the Galzig then onto Kapall overlooking the Rendel. We ski down the infamous Kandahar route toward St Anton then it´s back the way we came: Galzig – St Christoph – Arlen lift – Rauz – Flexen cable car to the middle station – Trittkopf II lift right up to the top. Sublime sweeping turns take us back down toward Zürs. Muggengrat lift – Zürser Täli, always worth a detour! We are now more conscious than ever of the extreme size of the Arlberg ski resort. The Madloch piste is a fitting sporty conclusion to end the day, tired but happy we arrive back at the Schmelzhof. What an amazing day of skiing!

And what now? A regenerative massage from Silvester, or a slice of fresh apple strudel with vanilla sauce on the sunny terrace. An easy decision, of course we will do both.

These are the photos of our day skiing: