Behind the scenes – how our housekeeping heroes ensure utmost cleanliness

Our much-valued team of housekeeping heroes have been with us for many years. Duzi, Milana, Dragica, Durdica and Judit have become irreplaceable and are our behind-the-scenes treasures. Often almost invisible to our guests, they ensure cleanliness both in the rooms and throughout the hotel. Utmost cleanliness. That is our prime concern. But how are the rooms cleaned? How do disinfection devices work? Would you like to find out? If so, we are more than happy to offer you a rare and candid look into the secrets behind our exceptional standards of cleanliness.

While out guests are sitting at breakfast or already on the ski lift, our housekeeping heroes vacuum and dust the rooms, clean all the contact surfaces, the bathrooms and WCs, lay out fresh towels and change the bed linen. They follow a set checklist detailing precisely what has to be done. And there are clear regulations as to how the cleaning is to be carried out; clean cloths must be used in each room, for example. These are measures that should, actually, go without saying.

But what of the deeper cleaning carried out before new guests arrive? Here we follow even stricter measures. The TV remote control, for example, is carefully cleaned. But we go even further. Before new guests check into their room, we scrupulously disinfect all contact surfaces using a certified disinfectant from the company ‘Wasseralm’. The natural water and salt-based disinfectant is used, among other places, in hospitals, in the food production industry and in nursery schools.
Every room is disinfected using our brand-new fogging device from the company ‘MenkeMed’. Take a look at this video to see exactly how this works.


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The public areas in our hotel are also disinfected frequently. The Villa Kunterbunt playroom is disinfected using the fogging device. The ‘Wasseralm’ disinfecting agents are so safe, you could even drink them! The bar, the foyer, the restaurant, Gittis Esszimmer, the reception and, in particular, the Schmelzhof Spa … all areas undergo a surface disinfection.

Our housekeeping heroes