Winter solstice party on the 10th February

At around one o´clock in the afternoon on the 10th February it´s finally time again for the sun to completely come out from behind the Omeshorn and once again shine its rays fully onto the Schmelzhof terrace. A powerful symbolic moment and a magical spectacle, we have ordered especially made solar eclipse spectacles so that our guests can closely observe and track the path of the sun as it makes its way toward our terrace.

But not without Champagne! After the ceremonial winter solstice speech, Robert will uncork a large bottle of Lallier Champagne, as per usual with a Ski Club Arlberg ski. Every guest will be treated to a glass. Viva!

Kitchen chef Stefan and his team have conjured up a special surprise that will be served on the terrace. Gitti`s birthday pasta and wild garlic risotto with freshly grated white truffle, mmmmm delicious! The in-house patisserie will also bake small sun tartelettes befitting the occasion.

So, as you can see, lots of fun and enjoyment will be awaiting you with soul sounds from Barry White, sun, Champagne and pleasant conversation.

Here are a few photos of last year´s solstice party: